Monday, November 29, 2010

Holiday Houses

I'm back from my week in the Bahamas and gone are my bathing suit and flip flops, exchanged for coat and gloves.  It is definitely time to formulate a plan for the holidays.  I've sent out invitations for two parties.  
We are hosting a weeknight open house for neighbors next week.  In Michigan, once it gets cold, you don't see neighbors again until it is warm, so it will be nice get together.  
The Sunday before Christmas is our annual Christmas cocktail party.  We invite friends and work colleagues for "sips and nibbles".  Hubby and I make all the food and often as early as July, people start asking what the theme of the party will be.  I'm still in the planning stage and can't answer that yet.

I have very fond memories of family gingerbread decorating parties hosted by my friend Kathy.  She and her husband, James, would make gingerbread structures, one per family and tubs of frosting.  Each family would brings bags and bags of candy to decorate the structures.  The kids would slather on creamy, white frosting and then add decor in the form of candy, marshmallows and cereals with their own creative style.  The decorated houses would last a long time as they were assembled with a hot glue gun for stability.  
Holiday Houses
4  Gingerbread House Kit $29.95 King Arthur Flour 
Buying a gingerbread house kit would be an easy way to create a holiday house.  Assemble the house and then have fun decorating.  Your imagination and creativity can run wild.
This cute little cabin is made of graham crackers.  The directions are here from the Martha Stewart website.  This could be a really fun party idea for kids or adults.  
If you are really ambitious, try this Martha Stewart peppermint house.

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