Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Adoring Vietto

I just found this ETSY shop, Vietto, from Helsinki, Finland.  Vietto upcycles leather and other materials.  You'll find clothing and accessories in the shop.  I am fixated on the cozy neck warmers.
Hand knit cowl with wooden buttons.  $38

Fleece collar with leather and snaps  $38
The design of this collar is ingenious as it allows for variety in the way it is worn.

This Circle Scarf with snaps is definitely a unisex item.  $35
Snap it up for a tighter, warmer fit.

There is lots of winter left.  Stay warm!


  1. Thank you so much for featuring my neckwarmers! They have been very much needed here in Finland this winter and still will be for some time... :)
    best wishes,
    Minna / Vietto

  2. these are fabulous! it's been snowing non-stop here, so i definitely could use something cozy to keep me warm : )

    p.s. glad you enjoyed the egg cups. oregano = genius : )

  3. Love the first one, looks super soft and cozy. Will check out her shop.


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