Monday, January 24, 2011

Cold Weather Arsenal

We've had some mighty cold weather here in Michigan this past week.
 My skin takes a real hit with the cold.  I love the Soy Milk and Honey products from Kiehl's.
These products are gentle and help retain moisture in my skin.

This trio puts moisture back in my skin.  The Creme de Corps keeps legs and arms from becoming dry and scaly.  I love the Ultimate Strength Hand Salve and hubby is hooked on the Imperial Body Balm for his hands.
What are your favorites for keeping your skin moisturized and soft?

Happy Monday

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  1. I love Kiehl's products. My favorite product of theirs is the French Rose lip gloss...its smells so yummy and its silky smooth! They also have a store 2 blocks from my door which gets me into trouble a lot.


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