Thursday, May 5, 2011

Personal Spring Cleaning: Get Fit

After a winter of being indoors, I can't wait for Spring to be outside for some exercise.
If you haven't been working out all winter, now is a perfect time to get started.

Is running your passion?  I used to run everyday.  My goal was the Boston Marathon which I ran 5 years ago.  I no longer run to compete, just for fun and fresh air.

Yeah, that's me.  Take by a friend on my iphone. 
My new passion is kickboxing.  I try to get aerobic exercise 4 to 5 times a week.

Spinning classes or outdoor biking is great aerobic exercise.

Weight training is important for strength, maintaining muscle mass and bone density as well as good body mechanics.  

There are many strength training options that don't include weight lifting. 
 Find what you enjoy.  Don't forget walking, swimming, and Yoga.  Vary your workouts.  Train with a friend.  AND...
...wear something cute!

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  1. I've been on my workout kick since January and I don't see myself stopping. I've trimmed down quite a bit (although I still have about 10 more pounds until I'm really happy). Yoga is where it's at. We have a Blueray player that links to free internet videos, and one is Tara Stiles Yoga. There are all of these different 10ish minute videos that I'll do together to make roughly an hour and that is where I think I get the most definition. Bikini weather, here we come!


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