Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Working Vacation

I'm having a little working vacation at my house in the Bahamas.

I spent Sunday afternoon assembling these lounge chairs.  They are made of recycled plastic material and are extremely durable.

I took a break from working to attend  a designer handbag show at the Hope Town Harbour Lodge.  Harl Taylor was a Bahamian handbag designer until his untimely death in 2007. Taylor's bags have been carried by Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf's some celebrity owners include Oprah and Kimora Lee Simmons.  His mother has recently reissued his designs. 

The embellished straw bags are names for the women for whom they were created.

Click here to view the entire collection.

A gorgeous seaside setting with prosecco and mini cheesecakes served on sea grape leaves.  
Memorial Day is not celebrated in the Bahamas so Monday was a work day...meaning a fresh coat of paint on interior trim.
Did you celebrate Memorial Day with a parade or cookout?

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