Friday, May 6, 2011

Welcome Weekend

Wow, I've had a busy week and I welcome the weekend.
I've been busy filling orders from my Etsy shop.  

I added this bangle a week ago.

I began teaching a series of cooking lessons to a single, mature gent.

Similar to the chairs I ordered from Target
I've been coordinating a shipment for our Bahamas house.  The sun and saltwater have ruined our outdoor furniture.  I'm trying  Polywood  chaise lounges.  Polywood is 100% recycled material and has a 25 year guaranty. Anyone have experience with that material?  I'd love to know.  
Happy Mother's Day Mom!!
and Happy Mother's Day to all the dear moms reading this.

Have a lovely weekend everyone

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  1. i second that outdoor furniture. only stuff that lasts out there!


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