Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Paris Doors

When I am in Paris, I am intrigued by the  doors. 
I am curious about what is behind the doors.  Would I find a grandiose apartment filled with lavish antiques or a spare, more modern decor?   Is there a courtyard, lush with greenery or just the laundry hanging to dry?  But what I sincerely enjoy is the doors themselves.  They truly "celebrate the entrance" as my architect-friend likes to say.  Here are some images of doors that caught my eye on my last trip to Paris. 

How old must this entrance be?

Entry at a medieval castle.

Dachshund door knocker in the Marais.

One of many doors at the Louvre.

A very nice invitation to shop!

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Lovely doors and very interesting what lies inside ♥

    Paris doors are always grand and has drama...
    I think anything French is absolutely gorgeous ♥

  2. I wish I had thought to dobthis.clever,


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