Monday, September 12, 2011

Vinous Colored Shoes

Move over nude pumps and make way for vinous colored heels.

I was helping a friend shop for shoes to wear to a wedding on Saturday and I was stunned by the staggering selection of shoes in the vinous or wine colored palette.  Typical color names are claret, burgundy, bordeaux, to name a few.  How much more interesting is this color for Fall than the nude pumps from Spring?  These shoes would pop paired with clothing in gray, camel, navy or black.  How about with a forest green tweed pencil skirt? 

Vinous Pumps

I am smitten by the Tahari pumps, center of bottom row.

If heels aren't for you, or you need a more casual shoe, no worries...

Wine colored shoes

...there are plenty of flats and loafer-pumps to choose from.


  1. Love your choice, the lover heels and sling backs appeal to me, gorgeous colors!!


    Art by Karena

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  2. lovely post!

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