Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Kitchen Tour

Last week I posted a photo that gave a glimpse of my kitchen.  One reader asked for a kitchen tour so here goes.  Welcome to my kitchen.

The kitchen is in the center of the condo, flanked by dining room and living room.  Hubby likes to sit at the bar and have a beer and while I make dinner.  We chat about our day and munch on popcorn.  I love that time of the day.  
I really enjoy the glass cabinet doors so I can display ice buckets, pitchers, platters and other items to add color to the kitchen.  The puck lights help illuminate the kitchen too.  As you may know, orange is one of my favorite colors and I find it very warm for a kitchen.

Directly above the kitchen is the loft.  We love the cable railing which gives a real open, spacious feeling to the condo. 

 Just past the kitchen is the butler's pantry which serves as a passage to the dining room.    There is a bar sink in the pantry and we find this little room to be very helpful for the flow when we have parties and it is a convenient place to set up the bar.  More glass front cabinets in the pantry display china, crystal and silver.

This small alcove in the hallway across from the kitchen was the perfect spot for a cabinet and shelf to hold cookbooks and baking equipment.  Note the color change.  My favorite color is blue and that is the color of the hallway leading to the front door.  

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed your visit!


  1. Never thought I would want an orange kitchen but I am loving this! Thanks for posting it. And you need to put this on pinterest!

  2. love love love your kitchen! that balcony/loft above is just awesome. and the glass-paned cabinets are fabulous. very well designed : )

  3. I love this, it looks so inviting. And your open floor plan is beautiful. sigh.


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