Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Musings

It was a lovely, colorful weekend here in southeast Michigan.
Probably the last week of colorful leaves.

No killing frost yet and I still have cilantro and lettuce in my otherwise barren garden.

I had my love seats reupholstered and I love the way they look in my living room.
I like the fall shoe trend of penny loafer pumps.  I think they look great with tights and skirts or pants and jeans.  I better get a pair before it snows and then all I'll wear is boots.

Hope you are refreshed from a great weekend and ready to welcome the week.


  1. Oh I'd love to wear some loafers too...

    Nice photos.

  2. I'm still waiting on the leaves to change here, :(

  3. The seats look great - our chairs are coming along slowly but I know when they are done I will just sit and stare at them with a grin on my face :)


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