Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Original Art: Miniatures

Would you like to own a piece of original art?  Think you can't afford it?  Think miniatures.

Original Encaustic Oil "Across the Field" $25 KLynnArt
I'm captivated by the art miniatures on Etsy.  This piece is 3X3 and comes with its own easel.  

This 3X3 abstract is painted in acrylics.  $25 BrookeHowie

3X2 Acrylic on canvas Koi - Carp $25 rainbeauxart
This would look great on a bookshelf or perched on a side table.

This 4X5 oil on canvas was inspired by a piece of classical music. $46 abstractedcolours
I would never get tired of looking at these gorgeous colors.

This "Miniature Christmas Tree Farm" painting comes complete with a gorgeous frame for $25. BrookeHowie
This would make a sweet Christmas gift.


  1. THis is one of those, why didn't I think of that?ideas. Love it.

  2. Art is a great gift. I bought my daughter a miniature original artwork from Etsy just this year.

  3. I like the 4th one I want to put it on my desk and you are so right these prices make getting some original art work within all of our grasp.


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