Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wine and What To Do With The Bottles

Yesterday I was lucky enough to tour the Alexander Valley Vineyards winery.  My cousin is married to a son of the founder of the winery.  The wedding took place at the vineyard several years ago and let me tell you it was an amazing venue and celebration.  

It's harvest time 

Lots of winners.  My favorite is Cyrus, a luscious red.

With the popularity of wine, what do you do with all the empty bottles?  My cousin, Lauren,  suggested a post with some ideas for the empties.  

A Plant Nanny and a wine bottle will water your plants while you are on vacation.  Lauren's outdoor plants survived her 2 week vacation with the Plant Nanny.  That's her lemon tree.

Buy a Hummingbird Feeder Tube and create your own hummingbird nectar feeder.  I saw this example outside a shop in Healdsburg.

Cut the top off of a wine bottle to make a drinking glass.  

Build a bookcase.

I posted this last year...lights in an empty bottle for a holiday decoration. 

How do you recycle empty bottles?

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  1. I did a DIY in this on Monday! I use mine to serve water/drinks.
    And thanks for the birthday wishes :)


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