Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Cheese Paper

I stuck a package of this Cheese Paper into hubby's stocking for Christmas.

The packet contains 12 sheets of 2-ply paper and 24 adhesive backed labels.  
The labels have a removable adhesive that allows them to be removed and then reseal.  Unlike a non-porous material, cheese paper allows the cheese to breathe.  It prevents trapping moisture which allows the growth of mold and also prevents the cheese from developing an ammonia flavor.  

I used the paper with a piece of Maytag blue.  I did not use the cheese for over a week and when I opened the paper, the cheese was as fresh as the day I wrapped it.  I am very pleased and will continue to use cheese paper for all of my good cheeses.  
With the price of a good Parmigiano Reggiano at $26/lb, storing cheese for freshness is not only a good idea but necessary.  

I purchased my package of Cheese Paper from Sur la Table.  

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  1. Great find. I love cheese but it always goes bad before I have a chance to finish it, I may need to get some cheese paper:)


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