Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I recently had a discussion with hubby about replacing the ugly, grease-spattered kettle I had on the stove.  I was undecided between an electric kettle and a fun color stove top kettle, like this...

Le Creuset Ogive kettle 

There are so many colors and shapes to choose from.


1 Pito kettle Frank Gehry  2 Staub round teapot  3 Bird whistle tea kettle, Michael Graves  
4 Le Creuset Halo kettle  5 Michael Graves for Target  6 Zen kettle Le Creuset  

So what did I choose?

I decided on the Bodum electric kettle in red.  It is quick and small and does not sit on the stove collecting spattered grease.  I may be tempted to buy the Ogive kettle in Caribbean Blue if I run across it.  I LOVE the color and the shape.

What is your kettle style?
Click here to view a recent NY Times article about Kettles.


  1. Love the look of a kettle just chillin' on the stovetop ... makes the kitchen look so homey (but I totally understand where your coming from about the clean-up and grease spatter issues)!

    Really love your new red one ... what a great way to brighten your counter top!

  2. mine is from ikea and i dropped it and bent it the first time i used it!
    re: your comment
    i try to follow the rules when throwing out makeup, as i go through mascara pretty fast, but not when it comes to shadows! i hold on to them.

  3. I have the Le Creuset whistling kettle and L-O-V-E it. It never leaves my stovetop. I'm happy to have found a kindred spirit on this topic!

  4. I have the flame orange Le Creuset, and love it, but the handle gets hot.


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