Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday Musings

Happy Monday!  I'm sitting by a warm fire as I write this post.  It was a chilly weekend here in Michigan with just a few flurries.  I saw this cute dress in a Banana Republic email and thought it would be a fun transition piece for spring.  I know, wishful thinking...spring is a long way off.
Add a camisole and some tights with boots and this dress works now.  Later on, dress it up with red pumps and a bright yellow clutch.  This dress is also available in blue and black stripes.

I spent several  hours on Saturday cleaning out my kitchen cabinets.  Not only did I need to wipe up crumbs, I was amazed at the number of expired cans of food, old condiments and fresh-less spices I had.  I showed no mercy and purged the frige and shelves of stale food items and some of those, "what was I thinking?" ingredients.  Nice to have organized, clean shelves when I open the cabinet doors.  

Meatless Monday will be Roasted Tomato Soup from summer via the freezer.  I'll team that with gougeres (also in the freezer) and a little Caesar salad on the side.  Won't miss meat at all.

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  1. I really like that dress, but I am always scared to try stripes- well horizontal stripes anyway :)


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