Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pistachios vs Pretzels

Are all calories created equally?  NO!  

You may be helping your weight loss objectives by eating pistachios rather than pretzels

Pistachios have more fat, yes, but it is the unsaturated kind.  Those little green nuts contain 30 vitamins and minerals and are a great source of fiber.  They are a healthy, filling snack with lots of heart health.  
A recent randomized study placed half of the group on a daily snack of pistachios and the other half of the group on an equal calorie serving of pretzels.  The pistachio group was able to  support their weight loss goals better than the pretzel group, even with the nuts being higher in fat.  
Pistachios are one of the lower fat nuts thus making it one of the lower calorie nuts.  It is higher in protein and fiber than most nuts, including walnuts.  Click here for more pistachio nutrition information.

An aded bonus to shelling pistachios yourself rather than buying the shelled variety is that it takes you longer to eat them and seeing all the empty shells reminds you of how many you have eaten.

Happy (wise) snacking!

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  1. I miss the red ones. I know it was for cosmetic purposes, but I swear they tasted better


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