Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Avocado and Smoked Salmon Breakfast Idea

While in Sydney, I've been enjoying some wonderful, Australian grown avocados.  

Food always tastes better when it is harvested ripe.  In Michigan, I usually find that the avocados are as hard as a rock at the grocery store and I take a chance on whether it will ever ripen. 

I love smoked salmon for breakfast.  I usually do the lox and bagels with cream cheese thing at home, but my son taught me to substitute avocado for the cream cheese.  Calorie wise, they are about the same but avocado has more vitamins and fiber than cream cheese.  I like my avocado mashed on a toasted whole grain muffin with red onion.  
Bon Appetit!


  1. looks yummy. i've found organic avocados at trader joe's that ripen well.
    certainly not the same as what you're enjoying in australia! have fun....

  2. Ive gotta try this, excellent idea


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