Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lighten Up Makeup for Spring

I have started to wear spring clothes, when the weather permits, and brighter colors.  Something just seemed wrong.  My makeup was still in winter mode.  I needed a lighter approach and brighter colors.

I've often read about Tarte cheek stain in magazines.  I checked it out at Sephora and it was just what I was looking for.  The product is a gel stick with a transparent sort of color that looks very natural, like a bit of sun or natural blush on your cheek.  I find the surface area of the stick to be a bit large so I apply the gel to my cheeks with my fingers rather than stick to cheek.  This stain looks great on bare skin or over tinted moisturizer.  I highly recommend this product.

Now my lips needed some attention.  I shy away from bold lip color but I needed some color in a desperate way.  I think it is a matte formula that I don't like or anything too thick or opaque.  These are the three lip colors I'm using now.  MAC See Sheer, a Lustre lipstick. Laura Mercier, Apricot and Rose Hydratints which give your lips a color tint but are very sheer.

Now my make up Spring ready.  My eye makeup has lightened up a bit too but I love playing up my blue eyes.  

What are your Spring makeup tricks?

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  1. I love these products and want that cheek stain!!!
    Sydney is one of my favorite cities ever...I'm loving your pictures. I was there almost three years ago. Miss it terribly.


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