Thursday, April 26, 2012

Recycle Ideas

Earth Day was Sunday, a good reminder to recycle whenever possible.  I found some clever ideas to share.  

                               Source: Uploaded by user via Raffaella on Pinterest

Recycle those light bulbs we aren't supposed to be using anymore.

                                          Source: via One on Pinterest

Chenille bedspreads made into sea creature shapes.

Egg carton sewing kit  Country Living

Mason jar soap dispenser  Country Living

Reuse shirts and buttons.  Country Living

Teacup candles  Martha Stewart

Recycled shutters headboard  

           Source: via Katherine on Pinterest

Recycled ladder bookshelf.  "As is" or paint a bright color.


  1. The first photo is such a unique idea!

  2. I love the light bulb idea--so whimsical!


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