Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fish Market Visit

A trip to the fish market on a day with a perfectly blue sky.

An amazing array of fish varieties available to the public.  The fish auction is for registered buyers only and I didn't get to view that area.


Whole salmon and mollusks 

There were throngs of people enjoying the fresh catch

Of course we sampled the seafood too.  Hubby has this plate with a variety of fish, calamari, prawns and scallop.  Add an icy cold beer and you've got a bit of heaven.  

On the walk back we took a detour through The Star Casino and had a treat of gelato at a vendor in the casino food court.  

I had a salted caramel scoop...YUM!

And dinner was grilled prawns that we picked up at the market.

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  1. Great photos and very interesting impressions. I've been to Sydney, beautiful city, but not to the fish market, so I could have a view while reading your post.


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