Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Clever Staircases

Some of the most beautiful and graceful staircases I've seen have been in Paris.

Very few of us can boast of staircases as beautiful as the one above.  But, that doesn't mean a staircase must be boring.  A little imagination and some paint can transform dull to fun and clever.
A painted rug.
Ombre spindles
Ombre stair kickboards.
Painted stair runner.
Chalkboard paint and let your imagination run wild.
Stairs become a stack of books.
For a nautical or casual look, change up the wooden handrail with heavy rope.

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  1. Staircases can be so much more than just a means of getting to the next floor. A staircase can be a work of art, a conversation piece, a place to meditate, or a historical marker.


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