Thursday, April 25, 2013

What I've Been Reading

All That Is by James Salter
James Salter is a novelist, screenwriter, short story writer and winner of the PEN/Faulkner award.  His latest novel, All That Is, tells the story of a young naval officer, Phillip Bowman,  who returns home from World War II and finds a position as an editor.  Bowman finds that he is very good at his job and fits easily into the literary lifestyle of entertaining clients, making deals, travels to Europe and dazzling social engagements.  Where he is not so successful is in love.  A failed marriage, a marriage that fails to take place and then a love that relationship that betrays him and sets him on a course he could never have imagined.

A bittersweet story of a man eluded by love in a time when a conventional world is experiencing radically changing social values.
Six Years by Harlan Coben
It's a thriller.  It's a love story.  Harlan Coben will keep you entertained and in suspense.  
It was six years since Jake watched the love of his life, Natalie, marry another man.  He kept his promise to leave her alone, but can he continue to keep his promise?  Is Natalie alive?  Is she in danger?'ll have to read it to find out.
Life After Life by Kate Atkinson
I have been waiting for a new book by Kate Atkinson and the wait is over.  I just downloaded Life After Life to my Kindle and started to read.  I've read everything she Ms. Atkinson has written and reviewed her Jackson Brodie books in a post you can read by clicking here.  I can't tell you anything yet since I just began to read but if you click here, you can see a review from the Huffington Post. 

What have you been reading?

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  1. Those books looks really interesting based from your review.
    I'd love to read 'Six Years'.


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