Friday, April 5, 2013

Quince and Apple: Tart Cherry Grenadine and Rhubarb Hops

Quince & Apple is a small batch, artisanal company specializing in preserving fruit. The preserved fruit is of two varieties, spreadable and syrups.  
I purchased two of the syrups from the Madison, WI producers.  My order was delivered via Fed Ex within two days of my order.  The packaging was cleverly done in a little wooden crate and nestled in a box filled with crinkle-cut shredded paper filler.  
One of my syrups was Rhubarb Hops.  This syrup of sour rhubarb and and hops was delightful in a drink with orange juice, bitters and prosecco.  You can read about it here
The other syrup was Tart Cherry Grenadine.  This syrup is so easy to use.  It would be great with club soda or champagne, mixed with lemonade or drizzled over ice cream.  I tried two cocktails suggested on the website. 

This light drink is composed of 2 oz gin, juice of 1/2 lemon and 1/2 oz Tart Cherry Grenadine.  Add all to glass and fill half full with crushed ice then fill glass with seltzer.  
Rather than whiskey, this old Fashioned uses brandy.  Muddle 1 wheel of orange with 1/2 oz tart cherry grenadine, two dashes bitters and then add the brandy.  Fill glass 1/2 full with ice and then top off glass with seltzer.  This drink is very "rich" but the seltzer lightens it and makes is more refreshing and highlights the fruit than tasting like liquor. 

I really like the syrups from Quince & Apple.  They add a new dimension to mixing cocktails.  Wouldn't they make a perfect hostess gift?  Much more clever than the standard bottle of wine.  Order online here.

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