Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kate Atkinson's Jackson Brodie Books

If you aren't familiar with author Kate Atkinson and her mystery novel series, taking place in Edinborough, Scotland and  featuring Jackson Brodie, then let me encourage you to give them a try.  Jackson is a former soldier and policeman turned private investigator.  Jackson seems like a tough guy but inside he is a sympathetic and understanding and he can't resist rescuing the underdog and thereby attracting colorful and dysfunctional characters as clients and friends.  His ability to connect comes from his own tragic childhood that still haunts him.
I have gotten hooked on these books, having read three of the books, in sequence,  and I'm about to start the fourth.  And the really good news is that the book, Case Histories, has been adapted into a TV series and will be appearing on Masterpiece Mystery! for a three week run starting October 16.    

In this book, three crimes are presented, each involving a female.  More than a decade after the crimes are committed, Jackson Brodie is hired to find the killer of one of the victims.  Seeming an impossible task after so many years, Jackson is able to solve the mysteries surrounding not only that case but the other two crimes as well.  The telling of the stories of each victim and their circumstances is action-packed and gripping.  

One good turn did not lead to another for the main character in this book but a chain of unfortunate events does.  The enigmatic Jackson Brodie is present when the car accident occurs that spurs an incident of road rage.  As the story unfolds, the random group of onlookers turn out to be connected.

This book opens with an horrific crime.  A crazed murdered kills a mother and two of her three children.  Fast forward thirty years to the life of the survivor, Joanna, who goes missing just after her family's killer is released from prison.  Joanna's baby's 16 year old nanny literally stumbles across Jackson Brodie and the two team up to find the vanished Joanna.  Detective Louise Monroe, a character from One Good Turn, reappears in this novel and is a great addition, and love interest.
Jason Isaacs plays Jackson Brodie in the TV series.
My friend who introduced me to the Jackson Brodie books, admits to having a bit of a crush on Jackson.  I'm a bit smitten myself.  
So get reading and be ready for the TV series.  OR listen to the audio books.  You'll love the Scottish brogue.


  1. Oh I love some good mystery novels,

    sadly I haven't read any of Kate's books.

    But I've become very much interested of her books because of your post.

  2. Ann, you will love these. I can't wait to see the TV series. Enjoy.

  3. Oooh! I like the look of Jason Isaacs as Jackson Brodie. Enjoy the 4th book, Debbie! I do believe it was my favorite of all!

    I just finished another mystery set in England that I think you'd enjoy - Sister by Rosamund Lupton. Add it to your reading list!


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