Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New Beauty Finds

In the latest InStyle Makeover magazine, I notice the Revlon crazyshine featured in an article calle Best Beauty Buys.  

Advertised to be $4, I thought, "why not give it a try".  The article promised smooth and shiny nails after just a few quick strokes with the crazyshine nail buffer.   Guess what!  It works!! With minimal buffing, my nails were shiny and the shine lasted for more than 24 hours.  More good news...less than $3 at Target.  

Sorry for the lousy photo but I wanted to share this great eyebrow styler from Dior.  Just one color option, Universal Brown will work on all skin tones.  That is true!  I am fair and it looks as good on me as it did on the dark haired, woman with olive skin that sold it to me.  The retractable tip stay sharp for precise lines and the attached brush is great for blending.  This formula stays in place and looks great even after a kickboxing class.  I highly recommend.

Do you have any beauty products to share?  I'd love to hear from you.


  1. Lovely review! I'm in love with urban decay's oil liners. x hivenn

  2. Great reviews! A universal brow styler?!?!? Love finding fool-proof products such as this! :)

    ♥ Cat brideblu

  3. I've been wondering about the Crazyshine! thanks for the review!


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