Thursday, August 4, 2011

Chick on the Go: Five Easy Pieces

Have you ever stood at baggage claim, alone, just willing your bag to come into view?  And it didn't. And you were stuck wearing the same rumpled, clothes you traveled in for a day or two until you either went home or the bag arrived?  

This, my friends, could be the answer.  A wardrobe in a bag with the 5 pieces you see in the photo plus 2 sashes.  These basic pieces can be coordinated together to create up to 25 different looks.  There are no buttons or zippers and the stretch fabric allows for stretch and comfort.   
Just a few of the looks from the kit.  The variety of looks can carry you through almost any situation.  Chick on the Go has been featured on the Today Show, USA Today Travel, Redbook to name a few.  For someone who travels a lot, this could be a survival kit.

Would you wear this?  Do you have your own "survival kit" you carry with you?

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  1. I love this. To mix it up a little bit, I would add something red, perhaps a scarf or handbag. I travel with a lot of black and white and it's so easy to put together outfits.


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