Monday, August 15, 2011

Briefcase as Handbag

This past week the NY Times T Magazine had an article in the Women's Fashion section about using men's briefcases as handbags.  The story featured Marina Muñoz, an Argentinean stylist, who has a way of wearing men's wear for a classically, elegant look.  She was the perfect choice for a story about a typical masculine item being used as a replacement for an indispensible, feminine object. 

Stylist Marina Muñoz checking out briefcases at Brooks Brothers.
Briefcases as Handbags

Men's briefcases have great organizational features.  There would be room for a mini "office" and makeup essentials with lots of room left for computer, sweater, and folding ballet slippers.  The neutral colors of the men's bags would work well with most color palettes and when broken in, the leather would develop a rich patina. 
So can you see yourself carrying a briefcase instead of a woman's handbag?  


  1. Definitely I could see myself carrying a men's briefcase as pretty as those from Brooks Brothers. As you say, they look very classy and elegant, especially for a professional woman's wardrobe. Love that hat too. I think hats make a woman stand out in a crowd.

    When I traveled for a cosmetic company, I had a very pretty leather briefcase similar to the orange one, but it was light tan. With the right outfit, the orange one could look spectacular.

  2. I totally love this trend!!


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