Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sole Mates

Have you ever gone to an event on a lawn and your heels sunk into the grass and dirt?  Your only choice is to sink in the muck and ruin your shoes or walk on the ball of your foot and wake up the next morning with very sore calf muscles.   

There is a solution.  Sole Mates.  These plastic caps for your heels will protect the heel and keep you from sinking into the grass.  They come in colors but why not get the clear which all but disappears on the shoe.  Clear works with any shoe.  I tried this product and Sole Mates are easy to walk in on regular floors and did prevent my heels from disappearing into the grass outside my home.  These would be great for weddings, garden parties or any event where high heels and grass meet.


  1. Finally, a product to save our beloved heels ♥

  2. what a great find! thanks for sharing! i wish i had known about these for my friend's wedding in june - it was outside on the grass and when i processed up the aisle ahead of the bride, my shoe stuck and i stepped out of it...

    i was just happy it didn't happen to the bride : )

  3. Oh wow! Just what everyone is afraid will happen.


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