Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Author I'm Reading Now: Harlan Coben

I love a great suspense, mystery, thriller.
If it is witty and well written, then I am hooked.
Harlan Coben is just such an author.

Deal Breaker is the first of the "Myron Bolitar" series. Bolitar, a college basketball star who suffered a career ending injury in his first pro game, turned sports' agent. In this book he has just landed his best prospect, rookie quarterback, Christian Steele. During the negations of his contract, Christian gets a phone call from his assumed-to-be-dead fiance and at the same time nude photos of her come to light suggesting an unsavory past. Throw in a mob contract on Myron's head, and you have an entertaining read.

The Final Detail opens with a heartbroken Myron, disappearing to a private island. His partner, Win, manages to find him and return Myron to New Jersey where his best friend and partner, Esperanza is in jail for the murder of one of Myron's clients. Esperanza is hiding information and Myron searches for clues to solve the murder mystery. Oh, and someone is trying to kill Myron too. This is a real page turner filled with very colorful characters, New Jersey style!

Matt made a mistake as a 20 year old and paid for it with 4 years in prison. His life is starting anew with a job, newly pregnant wife and the impending purchase of a home. Then he gets a couple of bizarre photos on his cell phone that seem to show his wife in a compromising position with a black-haired stranger. But before he can sort out who sent the anonymous pictures and why, he's running from the law--especially from the cop who was his best friend in grade school, and a sharp young detective who's stepped right into the middle of an FBI investigation spurred by the discovery that a dead nun who wasn't who she claimed to be is somehow mixed up in Matt and Olivia Hunter's life.

I love the colorful characters and wonderfully crafted, twisted plots, but it is Harlan Coben's witty dialogue and insightful descriptions that make this author a joy to read.

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