Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Things That Make Me Smile

In no specific order, these are some things that make me happy.

I scored big on the big blue chargers. Marked down from $26 to $5.99 at Williams-Sonoma!
I'd been watching the blue patterned plates at Pottery Barn just waiting for a big reduction in price. Got 6 for about $2.49/plate this past weekend.
Already owned the white plates.
I just love tabletop decor and blue is my favorite color.

I can't part with the outdoor lights by my front steps. It is so dismal here in Michigan and the little lights are cheery.

My "vintage" Kate Spade herringbone bag.
(can Kate Spade be vintage?)

A chocolate mask that smells delicious!

A rosemary topiary with an amazing aroma.

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