Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A first-of-its-kind law is hitting Washington, D.C., shoppers, who must pay 5 cents for every plastic or paper disposable bag they use when buying food or alcohol.

Most of the money raised from the new law, which passed the D.C. Council unanimously in June and took effect New Year's Day, will go toward cleaning up the city's Anacostia River. City research has found plastic bags are a major source of the river's trash. USA TODAY

It's official in DC.
As of Jan. 1, 2010, provide your own bag or you will be charged (fined) 5cents

Proposals have been introduced in the Legislatures of Maryland, Virginia and California as well.

I'm confident that my dear readers of Spiral Style are already transporting their newly purchased treasures in fabulous, eco-friendly, reusable bags. If not, here are some ideas to inspire a personal "green" initiative.

Stylish retro design $8.50 Envirosax

Conveniently folds into it's own carry pouch $8.99 The Container Store

Shop for a cause with the Breast Cancer Awareness bag $2.95 Century Novelty
Promote your cause and have bags printed. Give them out as favors, gift bags or sell as a fundraiser.

Zimbabwe bag 4 pack- $24.95 Green World Bags

Made of recycled juice boxes by women in the Philippines $45 Bazurashop
One of my very favorite bags is this HUGE bag from Ikea. Just 59 cents!
You can carry tons in this bag. I always keep one in my car.


  1. cool post! I love these eco friendly bags and carry one almost every time I shop! Thank you for thinking of me, sounds like a lot of fun to guest blog!


  2. That's funny - I have a massive Ikea bag in the back of the car too.


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