Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I saw this great watch in Elle magazine today.  The face is Pantone color chips.  I thought it would be fun to check out other Pantone influenced products.

Pantone is a standardized color matching system.   

                            You can read about it by clicking here.

I saw these Pantone mugs at a museum gift shop.  
The mugs are $12 each and come in many colors.  There are also espresso mugs and tea mugs.  Click here to view the options.
How about a Pantone memo pad for back to school supplies?  
Wire Ring Memo A6 $17.50  Available in 7 colors

Carry your favorite Pantone color chip with you as a key ring.
Sonia Spencer Designs Keyring- Turquoise  $45.

Choose your color and have a seat!  Pantone folding chair.

Coin purse $18

Luggage Tag $15
Love Color

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