Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Elle Decor Collection Now at Kohl's

Introducing Elle DECOR Collection at Kohl's
I have not ventured into my local Kohl's to see the collection in person.  I'm a Target shopper rather than Kohl's.  Personally, the collection is not compatible with my decor aesthetic.  Here are a few of the items from the collection of mostly candles, frames and a few decorative items.  Does anything here tempt you?
ELLE DECOR Owl Decor, $17.49
ELLE DECOR Horse Decor, $60
3 ELLE DECOR Metal Accent Table $104.99
ELLE DECOR Jeweled Jar Candle, $20

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  1. I was a little disappointed with the selections as well, I was hoping there would be a couple of hidden treasures there, oh well back to Target.


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