Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hang Up Your Coat!

Time to start wearing coats and jackets again here in Michigan.  If your closets are jam- packed or you just want to hang something by the door to grab on the way out...take a look at these clever coat racks and hooks.
Ribbon coat rack available in 5 colors $130.
Great in entryway, bathroom, bedroom
Stuck on You wall hooks
Would be fun in a kitchen for apron or hand towels

Timber Hooks from Live Wire Farm
For a more rustic look

Arrow Hanger 5 colors $44 each
Sturdy and utilitarian 

Coat Tree Wall Sticker $127, you add the hooks
The look of a coat tree but saves space since it is a wall sticker
Catching the Wild Coat Stand inquire for price
Lasso up your rein in your coats and jackets

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