Monday, October 18, 2010

Meritage: A Brasserie

Now that I have your attention, 
I have to tell you about a lovely brasserie in downtown St Paul, MN.  We had the pleasure of dining at Meritage for brunch on Sunday.  Starting with beignets that were as light as clouds I moved on to an omelet filled with tender, sweet lobster.  How decadent is that?  And yes, those "frites" were as crispy and delicious as they look in the photo.  Dinner items include traditional brasserie fare such as steak tartare, moules frites and cassoulet along with seasonal American food prepared with a pinch and a dash of the chef's personality.
Chef Russell Klein
Meritage will be enlarging to include an Oyster Bar and additional seating for 40.  I love the authentic Parisian ambiance in an historic building in downtown St. Paul.  
If you live in the Twin Cities area or will be visiting, please make reservations for a memorable meal at Meritage.  


  1. this could be a favorite of mine. the food, the ambience and the blogger look amazing.


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