Thursday, December 2, 2010

Gift Guide: Men

 A few ideas for the guys on your list
Tiffany 1837 Valet Key Ring $170
Hubby says this is one of his favorite gifts. 
A very smart umbrella stand with a sponge base to catch drips. $179.
Nontron Steak knives about $160 for 6
Individually crafted the same way for the past 500 years in the Dordogne region of France
Call Euroblade, 800 706-0183 for the list of handle woods and colors and to order.

Stocking stuffer for geeks, MoviePeg is the "no-hand" stand for your iphone, or ipad. $7.99

A very practical Mighty Wallet made of Tyvek  so it is lightweight and tough. $15

Gadget Gifts
1 Bamboo iphone case


  1. My boyfriend is so hard to shop for...but I think he would like the Kiehl's and those steak knives. Good finds!

  2. All the men in our family are addicted to Kiehl's products. You could butcher a deer with the knives they are so sharp. I got the rosewood handles but they come in lots of colors and wood grains.

  3. I love the iphone case!! I have been searching high and low for one for my husband's stocking and they all seem to be either the generic black leather or too feminine. Off to go order it now.


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