Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's Time

Time pieces seem to be a very popular Christmas gift.  I usually depend on the clock in my car or my cell phone or computer to keep me (relatively) punctual.  Here are some interesting chronographs I found.
The Unfinished Clock $46
It's a clock, it's a hook! En Suspend Clock $74
Powered by WATER!

Will Return Clock $13.98
It really is a clock, not a sign.

Not only does this clock/radio have a bamboo cover, it has battery backup in case of power outage. Plus, you can connect your ipod or MP3 to take advantage its amplifier. $150.
A mighty impressive looking watch for $19.95! Nordstrom

You can really stay on top of things in 6 times zones with these watches! Icelink

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