Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tinsel Wreath and Glitter

We will be back in the Bahamas for Christmas so over the Thanksgiving vacation, my daughter and I got a bit crafty and made some ornaments using local materials.  

These decorated shells just need some ribbon to be transformed into ornaments.

Color inspiration palette.                                         Martha Stewart glitter from Michael's

Idea and directions from Martha Stewart Living here.  This was a lot harder than you would think to get the right effect.  Messy too so I'm glad we could do it outside.  

I'm sorry I can't remember on which blog I saw this idea for a tinsel wreath but it couldn't be more simple.  This was a 12 inch round and used 24 feet of tinsel garland.  Anchor the garland with hot glue gun and then just wind it around the form.

 All it needs it a big bow.  

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