Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cheesy Ideas

I'm always looking for a good snack after a workout.  These snacks feature cheese.

Here, low-fat ricotta is spread on a cracker and sweetened with a bit of honey.  Flavor topper ideas are slices of dried apricot and sliced almonds.  
More ricotta.  This time the base is quinoa, sweetened with a sauteed mixture of almonds, dried apricots, butter, cinnamon and maple syrup.  Low-fat ricotta tops the nutritious concoction.  See recipe here.

I just discovered these Mini Brie Bites from Trader Joe.   At only 70 calories, these little soft cheeses are a perfect snack.  Add some cracker and fruits and a glass of wine and you have a perfect post workout snack.  


  1. I am so hungry right now and these look delicious! I love Traders, they have the best stuff!

  2. I am obsessed with the Mini Brie Bites from Trader Joe's, yum yum yum! I had never thought of combining ricotta with honey, sounds delish.

  3. I long for Trader Joe's to come down to Miami. The quinoa and ricotta looks great!

    Lexi @


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