Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday Musings: On Dining in Detroit, Color, Eyes, and Meatless Monday

It took a Groupon coupon to get me to try the Detroit restaurant, The Whitney.  Voted the "one of the most romantic restaurants in Detroit", The restaurant is housed in the  Whitney mansion on Woodward Avenue in Detroit.

The grand staircase.
The mansion was completed in 1894 for lumber baron David Whitney.  In 1986, the house was converted into a restaurant, remaining true to its original style.

Tiffany stained glass panels.  
The electrification of the house was done by Thomas Edison, a friend of Mr. Whitney.

I'd like to tell you it was a fantastic meal but truthfully, it was underwhelming.  The temperature of the food was only warm when served.  The flavors were bland and the menu rather boring.  Service was just "ok".  Disappointing. 

I followed my own advice and wore bright tights with a dark tweed skirt.

Do you see that little piece of plastic to the left of the dime?  That came out of my eye this morning!  Last Sunday when I put in a contact I felt something sharp in my eye.  I couldn't see a foreign body in the eye, but the inside of my lower lid became swollen and red.  I kept searching my eye all week for the irritant but it wasn't evident until today.  Wow, does my eye feel better now!  Duh! 

It is Monday and that means Meatless.  Tonight it will be Asparagus Risotto.  

 Risotto  This is my favorite risotto book and a good resource for Meatless Monday.

Happy Monday


  1. I've wanted to check out the Whitney as well, but I've heard similar reviews about the food. I think I'll just wait until something comes up where I can just check out the building - and not pay for the lackluster food!

    And yikes on that plastic! Where do you think that came from?

  2. Yikes indeed on the piece of plastic in your eye! Glad you finally found the culprit causing the eye discomfort. The bright tights with the dark tweed skirt ( J Crew?) was a great winter look!

  3. I think the plastic was from the packaging and yes, that is a J. Crew skirt. I love it but it is not easy to find just the right things to wear with it.


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