Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Zebra Print: Love It or Over It?

Zebra print and especially zebra rugs seem to be featured in many home decor magazines lately.  

Design Daily with Jonathan Adler

House Beautiful Designer Living Rooms

A little zebra can go a long way.
Zebra Print Armless Chair  Amazon
Zebra Shower curtain and bath accessories Bed Bath Store
Zebra bust $68 Anthropologie
Zebra mug $5.98 Pier One

So do you LOVE IT? or are you OVER IT?


  1. When I went off to college I begged my mom to buy me a zebra print comforter. One of those 'bed in a bag' sets. I loved it and it followed me through the dorms until my senior year when my apartment allowed me to have a 'big girl bed'.

    Flash forward to 2 years ago when the drain from the kitchen sink (in the basement) backed up. Guess what I ended up using to clean up that mess? Yeah....I'm over it. ;)

  2. Over it! Any other animal print but that!

  3. I think I am on the over it train as well.

  4. I just have to say I think I jinxed myself. I left that post on Tuesday, and Wednesday when I got home from work that same drain that backed up a few years back did it again. So I'm no longer telling stories in your comments, unless they involve Brad Pitt falling deeply in love with me.


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