Monday, February 28, 2011

Roasted Spices...Does it Make a Difference?

I noticed a new collection from McCormick, Roasted Spices.
I decided to give them a try and see if there was a difference from regular spices.

McCormick has taken the work out of roasting and grinding spices.  Roasting intensifies the aroma and flavor of spices.  Think depth.  Rather than a flat flavor, roasting gives layer of flavor to spices.  Any recipes calling for these spices will be enhanced by the roasted variety.
Roasted Ground Cumin
Cumin is a spice I use often, especially in southwestern cuisine.  I am now a big fan of the roasted cumin.  This spice smells amazing.  The aroma is intense and deep as is the taste.  Warm up the taste of chili, salsa, refried beans, with this flavorful spice.  Maybe sprinkle some on nachos.  

Roasted Ground Ginger
Place some of this roasted ginger on your tongue and you'll be met with a "tang", not unlike fresh ginger.  I can't wait to try this roasted spice in a cake.  By the way, McCormick has some great recipes on their website

Roasted Saigon Cinnamon
When I opened the bottle of roasted cinnamon I immediately thought of those "red hot" cinnamon candy hearts.  That is to say the aroma was intense, hot cinnamon and not the wimpy cinnamon usually encountered in a bottle.  The flavor is spicy with lots of depth.  I sprinkled it on yogurt and the taste was piquant and zippy!   Cinnamon is loaded with anti-oxidants...use it whenever you can.

There is also a Roasted Ground Coriander  that I did not sample.

Meatless Monday
This week I'll be serving French Onion soup, Caesar salad and breadsticks.

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  1. I'm so going to go buy those! thanks for the tip!



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