Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Butler Tray Bar

I've been looking for a butler's tray to use as a bar for quite a while.   I posted an example of what I was looking for here.  

This is my solution

I found a pair of butler's tray stands at the Ann Arbor Antique Market last month.  After a workout with steel wool and denatured alcohol, I gave the already distressed finish a coat of stain in a walnut color.  This darkened the finish just a bit.  I replaced the cheap, lawn chair-type straps with leather.  A purchased tray from West Elm tops the stand.           

The latest edition of Lonny Magazine features a tray table similar to mine.  I was interested to see what was on the tray.  On my tray I have my favorite summer drink mixers on a silver tray along with an ice bucket, linen napkins and a bowl for nuts or olives.  I'm sure I'll be changing the "scene" with my mood and needs.  

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