Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mango and Shrimp Wraps

It's too hot to cook and too hot for a big meal.  These Mango and Shrimp Wraps are the perfect answer to "what's for dinner?"

photo from Epicurious website
Poached shrimp and sweet mango in an herb dressing are wrapped in flour tortillas.  
I used spinach from my garden in the wraps rather than the suggested watercress.

The recipe for the Mango Shrimp Wraps can be found here.  Don't be shy with the fresh herbs, be generous and add a bit more salt as well.  I served "fresh from the farmer's market" sweet corn with the wraps.  Sliced tomatoes would be a great accompaniment.   You can make these wraps in no time at all.  If you make them ahead, don't add the mango until you are about to serve as they will make the mixture watery.


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  1. Shrimp and mangos - two of my very favorite things. What a cute and delicious way to combine the two flavors.


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