Thursday, July 21, 2011

Picnic Pies

Are these not the cutest pies for a picnic?  They are made in "wide-mouth" 4 oz, glass canning jars. 

                                                                       Source: via Deborah on Pinterest

I saw this on the blog, creaturecomforts, and I knew I had to try making them and share with you.  The original recipe is from and can be found here.

The dough recipe yields 8 individual pies and the fillings, cherry or blueberry are sufficient for at least 4 pies each.  I tried the cherry filling with the abundant Michigan cherries I found at the Farmers Market.  

This is my finished product.  You'll notice that the filling leaked through my crust causing the bottom of the jar to appear pink.  Hubby and I thought the pies were delicious.  Easy to transport on a picnic.  Just screw on the jar lid and then eat from the jar.  


  1. What an awesome idea! Can't wait to try it!

  2. it looks delicious and it's beautiful!


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