Friday, December 2, 2011

Coffee Talk

My favorite coffee passion is the holiday flavors from Nespresso. 

Afternoon break by the fire
The flavor "variations" as they call them are vanilla, cherry and chocolate.  These aromatic coffees are available for a short time.  

Mocha made with chocolate variation.
I usually like my coffee "straight", no funky taste...just the coffee please.  These flavors taste natural and enhance the coffee, not detract.  No extra calories as with the syrupy flavor shots.

Do you have a Nespresso machine?  If you love espresso drinks, this machine is amazing.  Perfect temperature and pressure for espresso just like a barista would make.  Some elaborate machines will froth milk as well.  Pods insure freshness and consistency for every drink.  There are many varieties of bold, smooth, and decaf.  You can sample an espresso from Nespresso at Williams-Sonoma.

I'm on my way to Washington DC for the weekend.  See you on Monday.
Have a wonderful weekend.  

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