Friday, December 9, 2011

Gifts for Coffee and Tea Lovers

Some people (including me) need that cup of coffee, tea, latte or espresso to get the day started or just sit and sip and relax.  Here are some ideas for gifts.

My Collection espresso cups by Jansen + Company; $60 for set of six 
Love these colorful, modern looking cups.

Arta Tea Leaf Infuser. $12.99 Amazon

Hello Darkness My Old Friend - Coffee Art Print $20 Etsy

Maple Bacon Flavored Coffee  $10.95 CoffeeAM

Joey Roth Sorapot, Tea Pot - Brushed Finish $191.26 Amazon

Coffee - Gourmet Flavored Infused Organic Sugar Cubes $3.50 Etsy

Tea inspired Spa Gift Set $19.95 Barnes and Noble
From Harney & Sons Fine Tea, a tea box filled with tea sachets, honey lip balm, bath soap and salts.  Have a cuppa in the tub!

Solid Shampoo Bar with Coffee $6 Etsy

Green Cup Cozy $19.95 Etsy

Print Tea Cup art $19 Etsy

Soy Candle Espresso Shot $28 Etsy

Happy Shopping.  Happy Weekend.

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