Monday, December 5, 2011

Under $40 Gift Ideas

Happy Monday!  I had a wonderful weekend in Washington DC with my family.  I hope you had a splendid weekend.  Today I'm sharing some under $40 gift ideas from C. Wonder, the east coast stores and website.  Luxury items at value pricing, C. Wonder has an enticing array of "beautiful, versatile and spirited products" with "fresh twist" for gift giving pleasures.
This cheese board would make an excellent host/hostess gift or a gift for anyone who likes to entertain.  The monogram makes is more personal.
Or if you don't like zebras, how about a monkey or a poodle?  These plates with a bowl-like center will brighten up a spot on the nightstand, dresser, bathroom counter or entry way.  A great place to deposit keys or loose change and a fun gift for a guy.
No need to sacrifice warmth for texting.  These soft gloves are made of a wool-angora blend, and feature pointer fingers and thumbs made of special conductive thread so touch-screen smartphones and ipads can be used while the gloves are worn.  Six colors and 2 sizes to choose from.
Ikat Coffee Mug $8   Ikat Cereal Bowl $8
Make breakfast more appealing with these gold rimmed, Ikat design mugs and bowls available in four colors.  Dinner plates and salad plates also available.  
An eye catching gold plated snake with gemstone eyes curls around a black resin bracelet.  Also available in orange.  

Every desk or dresser could use a decorative box to hold reading glasses, stamps, cuff links, receipts.  These handsome boxes are available in three sizes and three colors.
At $34, this 26X26 inch pillow is a bargain.  Available in two colors.

You can explore the other under $40 gift suggestions at C.Wonder by clicking here.

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  1. That cup and cereal bowl must be mine, mine, I say!


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