Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Culinary Gifts

What to buy the gourmet that seems to have everything.  How about something from this list?

Acrylic Flatware  from $4 per piece or by sets Gracious Home
Colorful flatware for tea and coffee service or dessert.  Dishwasher safe.  

The Mobile Foodie Survival Kit $26
13 organic herbs and spices along with wasabi powder are contained in this 9 inch long tube. Essentials include cayenne, cinnamon, thyme, basil, oregano, and dill plus 7 more.  This would be perfect for that vacation rental, camping, or the gourmet traveler. 

Citron Basil Candle $28
Culinary blend of Citrus, basil, rosemary and some green hyacinth.  100% natural wax and 65 hour burn time.  
Rosemary Topiary 18 inch cone
It looks great, it smells, divine, and you can cook with it.  A rosemary topiary in any shape is a great living gift.  Pick one up at Whole Foods, Trader Joe's or your local grocery store.  The cone shape looks like a Christmas tree!

Staub Mini Round Cocotte Set of 3 $99.95
How sweet are these mini Dutch ovens?  They would be perfect for individual servings of mac n' cheese, pot pie or fruit crisps. Available in 5 colors.

Olivewood cooking utensils  Sur La Table priced from $5.95

Latte Bowls  Set of 6 Anthropologie $30
Love the colors of these bowls.  They make me happy every time I open the cupboard to reach for a bowl.  Oatmeal tastes better in one of these...really!!

Or how about a cookbook?  Check out the NY Times best of 2011 by clicking here.

These are the Epicurious favorites of 2011.


  1. Those latte bowls are in my kitchen arsenal and I love them :) That candle sounds pretty divine - I prefer something with a little citrus in it always smells fresh to me

  2. Those spoons are ridiculously cool - can you order them online?

    Andrea x

  3. Hi Andrea, Sure you can order them. click on the highlighted Gracious Home to go to the website. I have some of these spoons and they are very cool.


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