Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Real or Fake

The artificial trees available are so realistic that it is difficult to know if the tree is real or "fake".  The lack of pine scent and the perfection of fake trees are the clues to the imitations of season's icon.  

Our family has made it a tradition to cut down a tree from a local tree farm.  Stomping through the snow with dogs in tow looking for just the right tree is a ritual that heralds the holiday season.  
Certainly not a huge tree nor a perfect tree, but just having our tree in the loft grants it grandeur as it looms above.  This year's tree is adorned with only the glow of white lights, a pure and simple look.
If you don't have a fresh tree and would like the awesome fragrance of pine, try a Nest Candle in the Holiday scent. 
So do you go real or fake?


  1. real, but i use these scented pine sticks that can be hung in a fake tree or stuck in here and there. they are awesome!

  2. fake for me... easier to clean and i can use it for many years making it more environmetal

  3. Definitely real, but I also love the idea of a scented candle. Yum! Your tree looks so pretty in the loft.



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